No one likes reading about everyone’s whiny complaints, but at the times, you just have to bitch.

School isn’t very fun right now. Today, one of my profs (who shall go unnamed… ha ha ha) told the entire class we had a presentation to give on Thursday. This was the first anyone had heard of this. We all have to give a ten minute presentation outlining the project we’re doing for the course. One small problem… I haven’t started the project yet (which itself is due in two weeks, worth 50% of the course). I’m in good company since nearly no one in the class has started too. I’m basically going to have to wing my presentation on Thursday, and talk about things I have to do as if I’ve done them already.

The funny thing is, I have another 25 min. presentation to give the next day for another class. It’s supposed to be 15 to 20 min. for my talk and another 5-10 min. for question and answer. I timed my talk twice tonight. Both times I can up with 13 minutes. I need to eke out two minutes somewhere. Maybe I should talk really slow for during stretches. Actually, Garrett Knights came up with a great idea. He said I should tell two minutes of jokes at the beginning or end.

If that weren’t enough, I have another group presentation to make on Monday. It’s been five years since I’ve had to make a presentation and I get three in the span of four days.

I also have my first final exam in seven days. That wouldn’t be that bad except I have a million other things to do which kinda gets in the way of reviewing. Screw reviewing, the prof is still teaching new material until Friday, so I’m still learning at this point. In fact, I’m two units behind.

It’s times like this I think it’s incredible students actually paid to have the privilege of being stressed out of their minds.

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