So we’re upon the start of a new week. I had a really boring weekend. On Friday, I totally did nothing. I got home around 4pm. Felt kinda tired, so I just sat in my room. I taped a few shows during the week, so I started watching those. I had an episode of Ed, The West Wing, and ER on tape.

Three hours later, I felt like I had sampled most of the NBC’s season premiere week. A few of my fellow residents were supposed to go to KFC for dinner, but none of them were around, so I went to the Village McDonald’s instead.

I came back, and then watched TV and played video games I think. I know I didn’t do any drinking.

On Saturday, I did work basically during the entire day. For dinner, I went to the One More Sushi place at the village. It was nice. If you’re as old as me, you’d never think they could put a nice sushi place like that on campus. After dinner, I worked until 12am or so. Here’s where it got bad. Around 2am I decided to play Team Fortress Classic. I didn’t stop until nearly 5am. That was stupid.

On Sunday, I got up at 12pm!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid. I got dressed, showered, ate breakfast, and got my ass downtown to get some pants hemmed. I also bought a pair of jeans I didn’t need, but oh well. To top if off, I bought the Monsters, Inc. DVD, but really, who can fault me for that? It’s a good disc. My only disappointment was not finding a good picture or poster of Yoda from Clones. I want to put it on my door. I looked everywhere. Every book store, toy department, and even Golden Age Collectibles on Granville. When Clones came out, everyone had all sorts of promo material. Where is that stuff now?

Tonight, I just studied. At 10pm, I stopped for Band of Brothers, which is such an excellent mini-series. A fantastic combo of history and entertainment.

Well, tomorrow I’m getting my haircut before class. It’s going to feel weird, because I usually don’t do errands before class. Back in the day, I was usually in class from 8:30am to 5:30pm (with maybe a one hour break), so it’s odd to have this time on my hands.

I have an hour before I go to bed, so I’m gonna relax, take care kids.

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