Yes! Suck it down Toronto Maple Leafs! There will be some crying in the Center of the Universe tonight!

Tonight, the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in overtime to win the Eastern Conference finals. Am I glad it’s over. To hear for weeks on end, countless Toronto players bitching about this and that. I’m so glad there won’t be any more media coverage coming from Toronto now.

Poor, poor Toronto…

Several months ago, my web server had to be re-started due to the unfortunate hacker incident. At the time, I believed that I had lost the ability to view the log which kept track of who was visiting my web site. Yesterday, I was made aware that the logs were being stored in an obscure area of my server. Thanks Stephen.

So, I spent about 45 min. this afternoon pouring over the log of visitors to my site from early March to today. The log isn’t that detailed, but it does allow me to see which domains people are surfing in from and from what general geographical region. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of you are using Shaw Cable and Telus ADSL, revealing my large local audience.

What is suprisingly, however, are the obscure visitors that I get. Whether they find me through search engines or word of mouth, I’m amazed at the different places people visit. I’ve had visitors from every continent of the world, except for Antarctica. Now before you say it’s impossible to get the Internet on Antarctica, I assure you can. The Palmer Research Station on Antarctica is wired to go! Now if I can only get one of those scientists to visit while on duty.

Here’s a short list of interesting visitors I’ve had: a big law firm, a university I’ve never heard of, a prestigious, Ivy League school , a big tech firm, and even The Chief of a very important institution.

It’s fun having a web site!

I went on a hike today. On the way to the trail, I noticed two empty condom wrappers on the street at separate places. These were just right on the sidewalk… purely random.

Where is all this street action happening? Why are people having sex on sidewalks in my neighbourhood? Why can’t I ever see this happening?

I’ll go months at a time without seeing empty condom wrappers on the street. Today I saw two! Weird!

Yes, I’m kinda tooting my own horn in my update this week, but hey, sometimes, that’s what you gotta do. 🙂

Today the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Carolina Hurricanes in the fifth game of Eastern Conference finals. I am putting all my support behind the ‘Canes. I hate everything that has to do with the Center of the Universe. The Leafs have made themselves especially easy to hate this year with all their belly-aching.

Plus, the ‘Canes have some fine ex-Canucks that deserve a break or two. Marty Gelinas, Bret Hedican, and Arthurs Irbe have my sympathy as they played in Vancouver during the dark Keenan era.

Go ‘Canes Go!

I can’t stand any more of those commercials with Jennifer Lopez that promote her new movie. There are a million stories about how fussy and high maintenance she is as a peformer. Everything in her dressing room has to be white. She’ll demand certain foods be delivered to her trailer and she won’t even touch it later. Ugh. What’s worse is that she portrays herself as a down-to-earth-gal from NYC.

My blood sugar is low… I’m ranting… must get sugar…

Speaking of Clones, I almost did something really scary on Tuesday. I was worried about the box office grosses for the movie, and I was about to purchase an online ticket just to give the grosses some help. I wasn’t even going to go on Tuesday. I was prepared to just throw my money away. Luckily, I came to my senses and decided my piddly ticket probably wouldn’t help that much.

I need to concentrate on other things in my life.

I saw Attack of the Clones again today. It was better upon the second viewing. If it’s possible, I like Yoda even more. His character can do it all.

If you want to see a funny picture, click here. It’s a picture of when Conan O’Brien’s show visited the line up of Star Wars fans outside a Manhattan theatre.

Whoever you are, good for you for noticing this new addition to my site. Yes, I’ve decided to take a bold new step. I have my very own blog. What’s a blog? The long answer can be found here. In short, it’s an easy way for me to make comments during the week.

In the past, I’ve been updating once a week. During the week, though, things happen and I’ve felt the need to update again. However, I don’t want to erase the preview update so soon or the update I have is extremely short.

I believe this blog will solve those problems. I intend to keep my weekly updates, but my on-the-fly comments will be contained here. This will allow me to write daily, minute by minute if I wish. Think of my main page as a weekly magazine, but this as a daily newspaper.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have the slightest belief my life is so interesting that I feel the need to tell you what happens every minute. A lot of my posts will be utterly worthless I imagine. I might tell you what sauce I picked with my McNuggets, but such is the minutae of life.

This is still very much a work in progress, so we’ll see how it goes, and I’ll make adjustments accordingly.

Take care everyone!