I have not seen a single ant in the area of my bathroom in about a week or so. Of course, since I just wrote that, an ant is now in my bathroom, that’s just how my luck goes.

Anyways, this is just an anecdotal observation. I did not have a camera trained on bathroom sink 24/7 so I could definitely say there were no ants for a week. Another reason why I’m not jumping for joy is that the absence of ants did not follow the most advantageous flow of logic. The most ideal situation would have flowed as follows: I see ants, I observe ants coming from a gap/hole, I seal off the gap/hole, and then observe no more ants. This would most likely mean that the ants no longer have any more points of ingress into my bathroom. I have effectively barred them from coming in.

What happened instead was this: I see ants, I observed the ants coming from the latest gap/hole, I sealed off the gap/hole, I continued to see ants wandering around the now sealed gap/hole for about a day, and then the ants disappeared for around seven days now.

The issue was that even after the latest action on my part, I saw ants for about a day afterwards. This leaves the possibility they were coming in from elsewhere, expecting to go into this newly sealed hole, got confused, and then left to go back to where they first made entry.

I kept looking for ants today and I even emptied out the end of the closet closest to my bathroom sink. I looked into the corners and saw nothing. Did I sit there long enough to conclusively say ants weren’t coming in from my closet? Of course not.

It would be premature to declare the bathroom battleground a victory at this point. A number of factors could explain the absence of the ants and some of them might not have anything to do with my efforts. It could be temperature related or it could be they just decided my bathroom wasn’t worth going to anymore. All of which could change and they could be back any time.

I’ll continue to monitor the bathroom but in the meantime, I’m going to start the battle again underneath my kitchen sink, which will be a bigger challenge for sure.

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