It’s been a few more days since I set my ant bait traps. As I noted in my last post, there seem to be fewer ants in the kitchen compared to the bathroom, though I found a damn ant on plate that I was using on the weekend. They must be getting up onto the counter somehow. Looking under the kitchen sink, some times I see no ants and other times I see like two or three. There are definitely more under the bathroom sink.

The ant bait traps are definitely not “set and forget”. The bait dries up into this semi-liquid and semi-solid state, like if you poured out maple syrup and then let it dry out. The ants definitely aren’t interested in it in this form, so I have to almost daily re-apply new bait, in liquid form, in areas where they congregate. Even, most of the ants don’t seem interested in the bait anymore. I put the bait right along their travel corridors and many of them just walk around it. I don’t know why that is. I’m wondering if I should coat another bait type in the liquid bait, something like a small piece of chicken or something.

I have also decided I need to seal off the gaps in the cabinetry under the sink. I can see the ants going in and out of these gaps. I ordered a few tubes of clear silicone sealant, which will arrive on Monday. Will that be enough to keep the ants out? The problem is, I’m not sure if I’ve discovered all the points of ingress into my apartment. At least I know sealing these gaps isn’t a bad idea, so we’ll go from there. I just wish the bait traps were more attractive to them.

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