About two weeks ago I bought a new 10″ stainless steel frying pan from Misen. As a kid, the thought of getting a new frying pan would have bored me into despair. As an adult, however, I was incredibly excited to get such a thing.

I’ve been wanting to get rid of all non-stick cookware for a long time now and my larger non-stick frying pan was the only piece left. That pan got a lot of use because it was large and could cook several pieces of protein all at once, and I was able to make sauces in it. Yes, the non-stick coating is nice but you can use a stainless steel pan and keep the sticking to a minimum as well.

Now when I my meal kit recipes call for non-stick pan, I use my stainless steel one. I just ensure the pan is hot enough before I start cooking and I use enough oil to coat the pan as well (without it being too oily). The Misen pan is great because it’s a bit deeper than my old non-stick, which is good for sauces and liquids. I’ve made orzo in that pan and it can hold enough liquid to do that without any issues. I also don’t want to seem like a show off but I’ve also been able to make scrambled eggs in stainless steel pans with nearly no sticking at all.

I have one more meal kit to make for the week and it involves poaching some fish in a tomato sauce in a pan. I can’t wait to use that pan again!

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