It’s been a while since I had an ant update. In the bathroom, things aren’t perfect. Sometimes I see about four or five ants just milling about underneath the sink. It’s difficult to tell where they’re coming in from still but there are a few places I haven’t seal off yet. In one case, I swear I saw two really small ants move in between where I had already sealed it off with silicone. I realized the silicone sealant I bought is very viscous when it comes out of the tube. So rather than it naturally to flowing into the gaps like a liquid, it sorta sits on the gap instead. The seal isn’t that great because of that. I think I might need to reapply the sealant again and this time use a finger dipped in water to press the sealant into the gaps fully.

On the kitchen sink front, the picture above tells you how it’s going. The ants are still having no problems getting into the area. There are still so many areas I need to tape off. I bought some heat resistant tape on the weekend. Some gaps and holes that I already taped off with duct tape are exposed again because the heat from the hot water is causing the duct tape to lose adhesion. Hopefully this new tape will stay in place, even under heat.

This week, I also need to buy a can of expanding foam for those really large gaps and voids that need sealing off. It’s a pain in the ass to have to keep doing all this stuff but I cannot let these ants share my apartment with me. They ain’t paying the mortgage so they gotta go.

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