My car insurance expires tomorrow and in typical fashion, I waited until today to renew it. In the renewal process I discovered that in the last twelve months, I drove my car about 2,700 km which is not a whole lot at all. On average, that’s about 225 km a month. Working from home, living in a walk and transit friendly community, and being somewhat of a homebody means that I don’t have a frequent need to use my car.

This was also the first time I renewed my car insurance online. The process went very smoothly and to my surprise, my insurance was $600 less this year. I’m only paying $1300 for car insurance for the next twelve months, which is very low compared to other people. Renewing my insurance online was convenient but then again, even when I renewed it in-person, it wasn’t that much of a hassle. I can see the insurance office from my living room window. Again, that just highlights how walkable my neighbourhood is. Since I own a laser printer, I was able to print out my own insurance documents and the whole process took about five minutes.

The future is here!

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