On Thursday, I notice was placed on my front door. It indicated that on Tuesday this week, they’ll unblock my patio doors so I can finally open them as much as I want. I’ll also be able to place my patio furniture back on the balcony. Truth be told, my balcony deck is fine to walk on now. I don’t need to wait until Tuesday. How do I know? Last week, I watched some workers walk on my balcony in normal shoes as they painted on some sorta coating onto the ceiling of my balcony. If the deck wasn’t fully cured and sealed, they wouldn’t have walked on it like that.

Anyways, on Tuesday, this long and expensive saga will finally come to an end. It’s nearly mid-September and they started this work in early July. It might have taken two and half months but I think there was about seven days of actual work done on my balcony. For example, they power washed my balcony and then left it alone for more than two weeks. In that time, my balcony just got dirty again. The actual sealant was applied to my balcony deck about six weeks or more after the power wash. I have no doubt, a whole lot of dirt and dust got sealed into the deck surface.

Now I understand my balcony wasn’t the only was that was being worked on and it wasn’t practical to work on one balcony from start to finish. Instead, they had to make progress on each balcony in step with the others but that meant that rather than inconvenience one resident at a time, they inconvenienced a whole bunch of residents together, and for longer.

In general, I understand why the repairs needed to be made but the whole projected sucked and it was a pain in the ass for a part of my home that I use and enjoy the least. Also, it’s finishing up just as summer is ending and the cold weather approaches, everyone’s favourite time to be out on the balcony.

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