I’m about to head to bed but it’s currently 27 degrees Celsius in my apartment. That is not comfortable. My patio doors are still being blocked off, so I only have 4″ of ventilation in my living room and my bedroom. There’s not a lot of fresh air moving into my apartment, so the whole thing just sucks.

I have not been given a timeline how long my patio doors will still be blocked off. I’ve vaguely heard about a week but that seems to be just rumour and no one has actually said when your week starts. The dudes applied another coat of sealant on during the week but I have no clue if they’re gonna do another coat, two more coats, or no more coats.

I’m gonna publicly call them out here but the people in charge of this operation, JLK Projects have been terrible with their communication. Why is that I don’t know when this will be all done? Why am I wondering what is actually happening with my balcony? Why am clueless about if they’re gonna apply another coat of sealant this week or next? I paid $6k for these repairs and you’d think for that amount of money, I’d have some answers about what’s going on.

Anyways, I recognize that I’m not the first person to pay a contracting company big bucks and not be pleased. I’m not sure how long our civilization will last (by the looks of it, not long) but I am sure, however, as long as it continues contractors will be pissing people off right up to the end.

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