Some dude knocked on my door this morning and since it’s such a novelty to hear someone knocking on my door, I just opened the door without any hesitation or even checking the peephole.

The dude was there to hand me a sheet of information and to tell me that they are gonna start work on my balcony again starting on Monday. If you haven’t been keeping up, they power-washed my balcony several weeks ago, they left it for about two weeks, then noisily removed some weather-stripping, reapplied some new weather-stripping, and then left it alone for a few more weeks.

The whole thing has been kinda taking a while to move along but we’re finally in the last step. The weird thing, is the whole weather-stripping removal left a whole bunch of junk and debris on my balcony, so if they’re gonna be applying new membrane, it almost feels like they’re gonna have to power-wash again.

Anyways, the one bit of bad news the dude gave me is that they’re gonna have to limit how far my patio doors slide open to only 4″. That blows chunks because I can’t use my A/C because the hose opening is larger than 4″. We’re in the middle of summer here and I’m being forced to restrict the air flow coming into my apartment and render my A/C useless.

I asked the dude how long my sliding doors will be restricted and he said that it’d be at least a week but possibly up to two weeks. Again, that’s kinda unacceptable to me. Keep in mind, they’re restricting how far the doors slide open after the membrane is laid down, just to ensure I don’t step out onto the balcony and ruin it while it dries and cures. They are essentially treating me as a child, as if I can’t be trusted to not go out there, even if they tell me I can’t. I think that’s fairly disrespectful.

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