I bought a cheap camping chair from Amazon and it arrived today. It assembles in about thirty seconds and it folds up almost as quick.

It was a hot evening tonight and at one point it was 29 degrees Celsius in my apartment. I ran my AC for a while, at least until the sun went down. I stopped it because I’m cheap. Of course it went back up to 27 degrees.

To test out my camping chair, I brought it out to my balcony. I’m sitting in it right now as I type this on my phone. It’s comfy enough. The most important thing is that it feels so much cooler outside on my balcony. There’s a nice cool breeze that comes through once in a while. It’s just so pleasant to be sitting out here.

To quantify how pleasant it is, I also brought out my portable weather station with me. It doesn’t take measurements every second but in the few minutes I’ve been out here, it’s told me it’s at least three degrees cooler outside. So it’s just not my imagination.

I’m gonna go back inside in a few minutes because I have inside stuff to do but this was real nice. I didn’t hesitate to come out here because I wasn’t gonna sit on some dirty, disgusting patio furniture. This was a good lesson to learn. Maybe I’ll be out here more often.

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