Around 1pm this afternoon, a worker using a swing stage came onto my balcony to give it a nice power wash. I thought he was gonna just clean the balcony deck but it turns out he power washed all my windows, the railings, and the glass panels in between the railings. I have never seen my whole balcony this clean.

Part of the reason I haven’t seen it this clean is because there’s a strata by-law that prevents you from using copious amounts of water when cleaning your balcony. The drain just pours the water overboard onto the balconies below you. Yet these workers have special permission to use tons of water from a power washer to clean these balconies before the repair work is done.

It makes me think that once a year, strata should allow balconies to be power washed if you opt into the service. They already hire a window cleaning service to wash all the exterior windows once a year, why not go the extra mile? Yes, I understand it would be another expense but these balconies are so gross when they are dirty.

Anyways, I’m not sure what the next phase of the repairs will be, it might the wall-shaking part.

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