In my search for new, healthy, and cheap protein to consume, I stumbled upon light canned tuna. Growing up, my family consumed a lot of canned salmon but my parents never really bought the canned tuna variety.

In the present day, canned tuna is half as expensive as canned salmon, so the price and novelty of it made me buy some. Over the last few weeks, I’ve consumed several cans. I love seafood and fish in general, so canned tuna is right up my alley. I usually prepare it in a frying pan with a little bit of butter. Then I put it on some toast. It’s great.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that many governmental agencies warn you that it’s possible to consume too much canned tuna (or seafood in general) per week. This is due to the amount of mercury in the fish. Depending on where you look, the recommended amount of canned tuna consumption is anywhere between one to two 120g cans per week.

In general, fish is healthy for you and provides many benefits. There appears to be a sweet spot in terms of fish consumption. People who don’t eat any fish are worse off than people who do. There is the caveat though that if you eat too much fish, the affects of the mercury then outweigh the benefits from the fish itself. You want to be in that sweet spot of eating enough fish to get the benefits but not so much that you start to get mercury poisoning.

Geez, even the things are that supposedly healthy for you can now kill you.

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