It used to be that anywhere between ten minutes to an hour after waking up, I’d need to poop. I could rely on this almost like clockwork because I knew I wouldn’t normally need to poop in the afternoon or evening. I’d have my morning poop and be done with it.

A few weeks ago, I started consuming lactose-free yogurt on an almost daily basis. It offers a decent amount of protein and probiotics. I have reason to believe my yogurt consumption has altered my poop habits slightly.

While I still regularly have poops in the morning, it’s not a guarantee it’ll happen within an hour of waking up. Sometimes it’ll happen several hours into the day. Also, my morning poops have always been a bit “loose”. Things have “firmed up” slightly in the last few weeks.

There are a lot of variables at play here but I do wonder if my gut flora has changed enough to affect my poop habits. I don’t mind the change as I frequently have a lot of Zoom meetings within an hour of waking up. There have been countless times where I both had to poop and attend a Zoom meeting at the same time. There’s fewer of these conflicting needs now, so that’s good.

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