So management has officially announced that starting on April 3rd, members of the team that I work on (who are Vancouver-based), will be able to work from the new studio (if they choose to do so).

This has been a long time coming. I think the initial estimates had the studio open last spring but obviously that didn’t happen. There were delays upon delays but I think it’s actually happening now.

What’s interesting is that two teams that were scheduled to move in with us, are no longer going to be based out of this new studio. In fact, one team made the announcement just today that they were no longer going to the new place. It’s crazy that just weeks before the scheduled move, they are no longer going. I don’t have any details on why this was decided. I also have no clue where these employees are going to go if they want to work on location. Maybe they’re all just staying remote forever?

As I’ve written many times, from a personal perspective, my daily work life won’t change very much after April 3rd. Most of the people I work with on a daily basis are located elsewhere, mostly in or near Los Angeles. So, I can either take a Zoom call at home in my PJs or wake up early, have to get dressed, pay to commute, and then take a Zoom call at a desk that’s just temporarily mine for that day. On most days, there’s a clear and easy choice. I might go in perhaps once a month, on a day when they’re giving out free food. Otherwise, it’s life as usual for me.

There might be some local press coverage of the studio opening next month, so if there is, I’ll post some links.

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