Shortly before bedtime last evening, I felt a muscle or muscles near my right shoulder blade tighten up, causing me sharp pains if I moved my arm or head in a certain direction.

I had been doing light exercise with my right arm that evening so I’m almost certain it was related to that. Maybe it was because I didn’t warm up or that muscle was cold. When you get older, any number of things can cause your body to go wrong.

I was getting tired though, so I was able to gingerly put myself to bed. I’m a side sleeper, so certain angles would cause intense pain in my back. Trying to push up to get myself upright was a particular hell. I’m not sure how I did it but I fell asleep. I did wake up about two hours before my alarm and I was dismayed to feel the pain was still there.

I fell back asleep again but only for a bit. I decided to get up, get hydrated before my morning Zoom meetings started. Sitting at my desk and drinking water seemed to help things. As about an hour later, the pain was going away slightly.

At lunch time, it got worse and I was feeling a lot of discomfort. It got to the point where I even got a slight headache. I took an Advil at that point. Lucky for me, I was able to move my mouse and type without too much pain, so I actually got a good amount of work done.

It’s evening now and the pain has now mostly gone away. The area just feels a bit sore, as if a muscle had been worked too much. I took a hot shower to both clean my genitals and also to use the hot water to loosen the muscles a bit.

I’m hoping that I’ll be good to go tomorrow because my apartment is a mess and I was planning to use a large chunk of Saturday to do the manual labour of vacuuming, dusting, and general cleaning.

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