Bobby Lee is one of my favourite comedians and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in Vancouver and Los Angeles. While we’re both Asia, Bobby and I have something else in common. We both randomly sometimes have to poo very urgently.

In the video above, Bobby tells everyone the time he ate some dodgy meat while shooting a movie. When he was done his scenes, gastrointestinal distress hit while he was driving home. I won’t ruin it for you, just let Bobby finish the story.

This isn’t an isolated case for Bobby, in the same video above, we are told a story where almost the exact same thing happens to him again.

I personally think he has undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome, which is what I have. Based on the stories I’ve heard, I think I have a milder version compared to him. Which is not to say, my life hasn’t been affected by this. I think the only difference really is I’m able to hold onto my poops long enough to get to a washroom whereas Bobby just can’t.

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