I’m not sure if you can remember that far back but in the early spring of 2020, most of us spent a lot of time at home back then. Malls and restaurants were closed, lots of stuff was cancelled, and people didn’t do a whole lot. I was lucky to keep working back then and I noticed staying at home a lot meant I saved a metric ton of money.

For the months of April and May of 2020 and into the summer, I saved the largest percentage of my paycheque ever. It was perhaps the only good thing to come of those early months of the pandemic.

Well, it’s years later and we’re still in a pandemic, with the added bonus of everything costing a metric ton more. My condo insurance renews in early February and it will cost me just shy of $700 for the year. As a comparison, the same coverage cost me around $300 about ten years ago. I couldn’t believe my insurance was going to be that costly, so I shopped around recently. To my surprise, all the quotes I got were even higher. I’m actually getting a deal!

On top of this, the Bank of Canada raised the prime interest rate this week, which means my mortgage payments will increase yet again. There was a time where I paid about $600 a month in mortgage payments. Oh those golden times were sure fun.

All of this makes me want to duplicate my spending habits from the spring of 2020. No takeout meals. No dining in. No shopping. No frivolous spending on anything not essential to living or working. Cut spending for at least February to offset some of the insurance cost and higher mortgage payments.

I’m already trying hard to be good with my money. I’ve made all my meals at home this week, including an incredible “lasagna” soup with orzo and ricotta cheese. I wonder how long I can keep that up.

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