Unfortunately, I have to go back to work on Tuesday. I’m glad New Year’s Day landed on a Sunday because I have the Monday as the one last day of the holidays.

I can’t complain about the last week and a half. I slept in almost all of the days. Things got extreme on some nights where I didn’t sleep until 5am. One day, I didn’t wake up until 1:30pm. That was common when I was younger but as a senior citizen now, it’s really difficult for me to sleep that late now. I played a lot of video games, finishing two and starting two new ones. I tried really hard to eat somewhat decently but it’s the holidays and that’s not really a time known for healthy eating. One evening I ate almost an entire medium pizza by myself. I left two slices for the next day. In terms of sweets, I was doing awesome until I got a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts for Christmas. Those are my favourite nuts and they’re just like crack cocaine. I ate about 400g of that chocolate and nuts before my willpower kicked in and stopped myself.

I am proud to say that I did some exercise throughout the holidays. I went on some long walks and at home, I still managed to do some cardio and weight lifting. It’s so much easier to get exercise when you don’t have a job to worry about. Just another reason that working sucks.

Well, I’m looking forward to my last day of the holidays tomorrow. I think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket as part of my day tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAYS OVER”

  1. Erwin, can’t think of you as a “senior citizen,” given your vigorous range of goings-on.

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