I am in the market for a new cast iron skillet. The current one in my kitchen has been in my possession for probably over twenty years now. I’ve cooked a lot of meat in that skillet but it’s showing its age now. The bottom of it is flaking off for some reason. Flakes of cast iron come off the bottom so easily now that the drawer I keep it in looks like it has black snow in it constantly. Luckily, the actual cooking surface remains in good shape but the skillet is literally losing mass every time I handle it and it makes a mess.

Cast iron skillets can now come pre-seasoned from the factory, so that’s quite convenient. I remember seasoning my skillet and over the years, that thing has become naturally non-stick. It’s quite amazing. One thing I still haven’t figured out is what do to with this skillet once I get a new one? I don’t think my local recycling program takes cast iron. I also don’t have a smelter where I can melt it down. It’s in a condition where it can’t be donated either. I need to figure this out.

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