About a month ago, we were having Thanksgiving dinner in shorts in the greater Vancouver area. Since then, we sorta skipped autumn all together and jumped straight into freezing temperatures and snow. There was perhaps a brief week or so of what I would normally consider “autumn” temperatures.

Last week it snowed but not enough for it stick thankfully. The temperatures are now hovering around freezing or slightly below at night. Some of the higher elevations got enough snow that it did stick around.

Since it got so cold so quickly, I am refusing to turn on the heat so soon. In the past, I’ve bundled up with hoodies or a North Face jacket but this year I am trying something new. My parents got me a really nice robe last year and I’m now wearing it nearly every day. It’s fluffy and soft, so it’s very pleasant to wear. It’s long enough to cover my legs, so more of my body heat gets retained. It’s got that classic tartan pattern to it, so I wouldn’t look out of place as an old man picking up a newspaper off a front porch (if I wasn’t so poor that I could afford an actual house). I quite enjoy lounging around in my robe while it’s so cold outside. I think I just need a pair of slipper to go with it and I’ll be all set.

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