I have turned $10 in to $37 by betting on hockey games. To be specific, I have bet that the Vancouver Canucks will lose when they play certain teams. This season, I’ve bet three times, turning my initial $10 bet into almost quadruple that.

The Canucks have been terrible this year and have found this amazing ability to lose games even after taking multi-goal leads. For example, I bet on the game tonight, when the Canucks faced the Golden Knights from Las Vegas. The Canucks managed to get a two-goal lead in the third period. For a normal team, such a lead so late into the game puts that team in a very high percentage situation to win the game. Not so for the Canucks, which is why I didn’t really think my money was at risk. It didn’t surprise me when Las Vegas tied up the game with lots of time remaining. It certainly didn’t surprise me when Las Vegas scored to take the lead as well.

I don’t bet on every single Canucks game. It’s too risky to do that. Some of the teams that Vancouver faces are just as bad as them and in those games, the outcome can be very unpredictable. The next game, however, is against the Colorado Avalanche, which is a very good team. They won the Stanley Cup last year. That game is a fairly safe bet, so I’ll probably roll the dice on that one.

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