Today was the hottest October 16th in the greater Vancouver area since records began in 1937. At just above 20 degrees Celsius at the airport, that meant it was likely two or three degrees warmer inland in the suburbs.

The warm temperatures and the lack of rain has meant that wildfires continue to burn in this province, leaving the city covered in a haze that traditionally has long gone by this time of year. Most of the province is now under the most severe drought classification, level 5. The province defines that as, “At Level 5, conditions are exceptionally dry and adverse impacts to socio-economic or ecosystem values are almost certain. All efforts should be made to conserve water and protect critical environmental flows.” That cannot be good for this province.

If there is some good news, the forecast calls for rain next weekend, as early as Friday possibly. It’s crazy to think that the first precipitation for October could come nearly three weeks into the month. That’s just not how weather in Vancouver should be.

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