The warm and dry October in Vancouver seems like a distant memory now as torrential rains have filled most of this week. A deluge of rain has laid waste to any remaining wildfires and forced people to dress seasonally appropriate now.

I had to drive in this monsoon-like rain on Tuesday evening and I admit I initially was not mentally prepared. I exited the parkade and the rain was coming down in sheets. I briefly forgot how to turn on my wipers. Then the windows began to fog up slightly and I had to think for a second how to engage the front and rear defrosters. It all came back to me but it’d been probably a good five months since I had to turn some of that stuff on.

When I got to my destination, I had to park outdoors and the rain washed away a good amount of dirt that had accumulated on my car due to the lack of rain. I should probably still bring it in for a good wash soon.

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