At one point on this Sunday afternoon, the first weekend of October, the temperature reached 23 degrees Celsius in my bedroom. I did not have the heat on and all my windows were open. I can’t remember the last time it was this balmy in October.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving and if you look above at the forecast, you’ll see what kind of weather we’ll be having during the week as we approach the long weekend. The highs will be around 20 but that’s only by the water, if you live inland, the highs could reach the mid-20s. So most of the great Vancouver area will experiencing shorts and t-shirts weather with sunny skies as people are prepping for their turkey dinners. Also, if you notice, the lows will still be in the double-digits during the evenings.

This is not normal weather for October if you live in Vancouver. I do remember a few Octobers where there were sunny days but temperatures were much lower, in the single digits, and the air would feel crisp and cool. The traditional Vancouver October weather is usually rain and showers with gray skies. This September was unusually dry this year, with very little rain.

In the moment, this type of weather is great. The ability to wear shorts in October is such a novelty. The clear and sunny skies have made for wonderful, orange sunsets almost daily. In the long term though, this type of weather is concerning. Weather records keep breaking. Vancouver keeps experiencing dryer and hotter weather each year. This cannot be good long term.

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