A few years ago, less than four, Best Buy had some sorta door crasher sale to celebrate the opening of a new store. One of the online deals was a 27″ monitor for $97. That was a good deal back then and hell, it’s still a good deal now. The monitor wasn’t top of the line but it wasn’t terrible either.

Not needing another monitor, I didn’t really know where to put it. I eventually set it up in my living room, on top of a lower bookshelf. It was visible from my dining room table where I usually have my laptop set up. It became my second monitor for my laptop and at 27″ it could be a few feet away and still be usable. I mainly used that monitor to play videos while I did reading or other things on the laptop screen.

About a month ago, I had to upgrade my Mom’s computer and I discovered the two monitors that she was using with her old computer only had ancient VGA inputs. Her new computer had only HDMI outputs, so these monitors were useless. As a solution, I decided to bring my 27″ monitor over to my parents’ place and let her use it. She went from crappy 20″ VGA monitors to a single 27″ monitor. The larger size also allowed me to increase the font size in Windows 11 so that she never needs to use glasses while on the computer now.

What I soon realized though is that I miss my second monitor for my laptop. Somewhere in my storage closet is an old 24″ monitor from 2008 with dim brightness and washed out colours. I really don’t want to bring that out. I should just recycle it. So instead, I’ve been looking at online retailers for a new 27″ monitor. The most basic ones are still around $170-200. I am being cheap and haven’t bought one yet. Amazon Prime Days are next week, so I’m hoping I can find a deal there.

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