On Thanksgiving Monday I went for a walk in the afternoon. According to the thermometer in my apartment it was around 22 degrees Celsius when I left my apartment. The sun was shining and there were just a few clouds in the sky. It was quite the pleasant day.

I decided to wear a t-shirt and shorts for my walk. In the direct sun, I started to sweat a bit. I actually applied sunscreen to my face and arms before I left and as I felt the heat of the sun on my skin, I was glad I did. It felt like a nice late-spring day.

Now I have worn shorts and a t-shirt in October before but it wasn’t truly shorts and t-shirt weather. There have been times when I tried to play tennis in October and just because the sun was out, it didn’t mean it was actually warm out. Indeed, the air was crisp and cold, and I was better off wearing jogging pants at least. Monday was not like that at all. Shorts were perfectly fine and judging by all the summer gear I saw people wearing, others agreed with me as well.

I heard some families were able to hold their Thanksgiving dinners outside this weekend. Normally this isn’t something that happens in Vancouver unless your balcony or patio is heated. So I guess this is the type of thing people living in Los Angeles or San Diego get to experience every single year, throughout the year.

In the short-term, this is great and all but long-term, this is definitely not normal and a sign that something is wrong.

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