As you might remember from this post, as an owner of the apartment that I live in, I was given a $6,000 bill as part of the cost to repair the building exterior so it won’t rot from the inside out due to water ingress. This is a tough pill to swallow given that everything costs more lately due to high inflation. I wonder how other owners have found ways to scrape together the money.

If it wasn’t bad enough that we have to pay all this money, I just found out how much of a pain in the ass the actual repairs will be. Work is now beginning and we’ve been told we have to clear all of our balconies of anything. I never use my balcony but I have two wooden chairs, a wooden table, a cheap white card table chair, a telescope, and errand trash can out there. All of that will eventually need to come inside when work begins on my balcony. I have no room for that stuff. What worse is that my balcony gets filthy, somehow dirt is drawn to my building. So there’s dirt and dust all over those items and I’m supposed to bring them in my apartment for who knows how long. I am tempted to junk all of that crap so I don’t have to deal with it since I never use my balcony at all. I might keep the telescope though.

The news gets worse though. Work is supposed to occur between the hours of 7:30am-4pm. We’ve been warned it will be potentially noisy and disruptive as workers do work on my balcony, right near my bed. It has been suggested we close our windows but my place gets immediately stuffy when there’s no ventilation. I can’t believe I paid $6,000 for the privilege of having all this inconvenience.

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