On this day, fifteen years ago, skate. was released for the Xbox 360. It was the first game to make it to the public that I worked on as a software engineer. It’s very difficult to believe it’s been fifteen years now. I am incredibly proud and lucky that this was my first game as game developer.

skate. was well-received by both gamers and critics alike and much of that was because of the phenomenal people that came together to get this game done. As thankful as I am for the great game we made, I am more thankful that I got to be part of that dev team. There was something magical about the special combination of the people, the game, and working downtown on the 12th floor of 250 Howe Street that made it a career defining time for me. I have worked on plenty of games and been part of many other teams since but none of that has ever come close to what working on skate. has meant to me. As the years go by, I realize now that there probably won’t be another team like that for me even if I work for another thirty years. That’s ok though, because I got to be part of one of the best dev teams ever!

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