I received my electrical bill for the last two months and if my memory serves me correctly, it is the most expensive electrical bill I’ve had since I’ve lived in my place. It amounts to just over $90 for two months of service. It includes the period we just had where we had a heat wave for about a week.

During that week, I ran my AC for several hours a day, some days from morning to night. Even during the coldest winters where I used my baseboard heaters, I never had an electrical bill this high. Portable ACs use a lot of juice apparently.

It feels like having an AC is less of an optional compared to heat though. When it’s cold, I can put on more clothes. When it’s hot, all I can do is just strip down naked and that’s basically it. If I still feel hot after getting naked, I got nothing else to do. The AC is really the only practical option.

As the summers get warmer and heat waves are common, our electrical bills will just get more expensive. There will be a day where I hit $50 a month for electricity and I probably won’t have to wait long for that.

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