For the last week or so, the temperatures in my apartment (without intervention) reach about 29 to 30 degrees Celsius at its highest. I basically have my AC on all day and evening now. My bedroom and washroom are connected, so I’ve deemed these as the cool areas. My living room and kitchen have been left to the surface of hell. I have been mainly ensconced in my bedroom, with quick forays into the kitchen to get food and water.

I have not sat on my couch nor watched TV in about a week, as it’s just too hot to be out there. After about a week of this, I am just tired of all the heat. It saps my energy, prevents a good night of sleep, and makes me want to do nothing other than be in my air-conditioned bedroom.

Apparently this heat wave will break this week, possibly on Tuesday. I cannot wait! I hope it rains for the rest of August!

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