I am helping my Mom look for a new phone because she has a blood glucose monitoring system which requires her to use an app on a smartphone. For whatever reason, this app is only compatible with a small subset of the plethora of phone models out there. The search has been quite frustrating because obviously I need to pick from the list of phones that are compatible but on top of that, there are price and size considerations.

I don’t want to pay over $500 for a phone as my Mom is not a power user that requires the latest bells and whistles in a smartphone. She also would prefer a phone on the smaller side. Phones have had this annoying habit of getting larger and larger every year. It’s so difficult to get a new phone that is 6″ or shorter now. Large phones are difficult to hold and use with one hand. They also don’t fit into pants pockets anymore. My Mom has small hands, so she doesn’t want to have a tablet-sized phone, trying to shove that into her purse.

The options are really very limited at this point and so far, the best bet seems to be either a Pixel 3a or a Pixel 4a.

Phone manufacturers need to start making smaller phones again.

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