That video card that I said I ordered a week ago arrived in the mail on the weekend. I picked it up from the post office on Saturday. Installation of the new card took about five minutes. My computer did not blow up when I powered it back on with the new card in it.

I anticipated getting the card on the weekend and to prepare, on Friday night, I ran a whole bunch of games and noted how many frames per second I was getting. This was to do a tangible comparison of how much faster these games would run with the new card. To summarize, on average, this card has triple the performance of my last video card. Some games that were previously unplayable due to low frame rates (below 30 fps), are now playable at 120+ fps.

This new card is everything I hoped it would be as it didn’t require me to upgrade any other components in my PC to play the latest games again. It did cost me a pretty penny however. It’s easily the most expensive single PC component I’ve ever purchased and close to double the price of my last video card.

The ironic thing is, however, I am currently in the middle of playing a PS4 game and I don’t want to stop playing it until I’m done. So now that I have a great gaming PC again, it’ll be a few weeks before I start a new game on it.

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