So I discovered today that my current cell phone plan provider does not have the ability to let me roam while travelling in the United States. I know my provider says the issue is due to the shutdown of 3G/HSPA networks in the US but I think that malarkey. I have a modern phone that is capable of connecting to 4G LTE networks, so this shouldn’t affect me. Moreover, other Canadian cell phone plan providers have indicated that as long as your phone is capable of 4G, you can continue to roam in the US without issue. Indeed, I don’t think it’s a technical issue with my provider, it must be something else.

All of this is relevant to me because I maybe going on a trip to Los Angeles in July for work. I was initially just planning on using my current plan and buying a roaming package and charge it to my company. This will not work now. My options instead include buying a SIM card while down in LA (doesn’t make a lot of sense for two days) or purchasing a super cheap plan up here that does allow roaming and charge the expense to my employer. It’s a hassle either way!

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