Somewhere along the way I gained about ten pounds from the last time I weighed myself. I got on my scale yesterday and I was kinda shocked that ten pounds had been put on. While I was surprised, perhaps I should not have been. One pair of jeans had gotten a bit snug when I put them on. I thought my face looked a bit chubby sometimes when in front of a mirror. So the signs were probably there.

So obviously I am not going to just let this be. I need to be ten pounds lighter to be in better shape. They say the key to getting to a healthier weight is diet and exercise. For me, diet has always been a much larger factor in weight. For the last week or so, I reduced my carbohydrate intake. It’s not down to nothing, which is hard to do but it’s down dramatically. Instead, I’m eating mainly protein, vegetables, and fruit. I’m also trying to limit my sugar but that’s something I was already good on anyways. I don’t eat candy, chocolate, ice cream or sweets in general, in any appreciate amount. Most of my sugar intake comes from sugar in my coffee, which isn’t a whole lot.

So we shall see how the new diet works in the next few weeks. I reckon I should probably get outside and go on more walks as well.

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