It’s been several years now since my ability to remember passwords has been outstripped by the number of websites and apps that require me to have passwords. Since I don’t use the same password for every single site and app, I’m required to remember a ton of unique passwords.

It’s gotten to the point that for some sites and apps, I require a reset of the password every single time I need access. In those cases, it’s very tedious, especially when they require you to come up with a new password that you’ve never used before.

I was expecting to jump to similar hoops when I tried to sign into my Hyatt account. Instead, I was offered two different methods to sign in: with a traditional password (which I had forgotten) or a one-time link sent to an e-mail address. I chose the one-time link because I obviously use e-mail so frequently, I would not forget my e-mail password.

With the one-time link, I was able to sign into the Hyatt web site, without having to reset my password. I thought this was a genius way of allowing access to sites without needing to remember a specific password every single time. All you need is access to your email.

In a way, this is very similar to password managers I suppose where a single password gets you access to all your accounts, except that you don’t need to sign up or download a password manager.

I hope more sites and apps adopt this access strategy because it’s very convenient.

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