Rather unexpectedly, the water is being shut off in my building tomorrow from 9am to 5pm due to a leak in the hot water boiler. In the beforetimes, such an event would have impacted me less as I would not been home for most of the time the water was unavailable.

We live in a different world now, so I will be home for the entirety of the day. Since I wake up after 9am usually, no water means no tooth brushing, face washing, showering, dish washing, cooking with water, drinking water on demand, and most importantly, no toilet flushing. My hot water dispenser basically assures me of having drinking water through the day, so I just need to handle the rest of the water needs. I won’t need to shower since I showered before bedtime. I probably won’t need water to make any of my daytime meals tomorrow. Just to be safe, I will fill a large container with cold water before I head to bed.

The no toilet flushing thing is probably the most inconvenient thing to navigate. I suppose I can just do all my business for the whole day without flushing but that’s not ideal. You can also manually refill the toilet tank but that’s a lot of water to keep on hand per flush. Also, without water, it’s gonna make hand washing a bit tougher. Gross. I guess I will use that container of water to wash my poo hands through out the day.

Pray for me.

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