I have returned from my trip to San Diego and I had some unexpected excitement during my vacation. Last Thursday I was in my hotel room, on the bed, around 9:30pm, watching TV. The bed began to shake and then the walls began to as well. I could hear the walls of the room creaking and making noise. The movement was ramping up in intensity and just as there was some serious panic beginning to creep into me, everything stopped.

I immediately thought this was an earthquake and it turns out, it definitely was. A magnitude 4.6 earthquake centered off the coast of Mexico shook my hotel room on the 23rd floor. If the shaking had continued, I was just about to hop off the bed to seek a safer position from which to ride it out.

I believe this has been the third earthquake that I’ve been awake for and also felt. The other two I experienced back in British Columbia, so this was the first earthquake I’ve felt in another country.

It was very exciting and I am glad it was not more powerful than that.

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