I went to pick up my Mom, my aunt, and my grandmother from the airport. My Mom went to visit my aunt and grandmother, and they both came back with my Mom. This is the second time I’ve picked up my Mom from the airport during the pandemic.

The first time I did the pickup, it was the fall of 2020. No vaccines were available back then and everyone was taking the pandemic very seriously. The airport was nearly deserted on a weekday evening. Everyone who was there was masked up.

Tonight was a very different story. The airport was crowded, like it was back to pre-pandemic levels. Even though regulations still require people to wear masks in the terminal, there were lots of people who weren’t. Of all places, where people are coming from all over the country and the world, mixing in crowded spaces in an indoor environment, this is where they decide to go maskless? Is that difficult to be masked for ten minutes to wait for their luggage? After that, they can go outside and take it off.

I suppose if people want to take chances, it is their right. It just seems like a weird hill to die on.

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