The province of British Columbia hasn’t been that great at testing its citizens in the last six months or so. Rapid tests are in short supply. Currently, you have to be 50 years or older to receive free rapid tests. Even then, you only get five tests every 28 days. In comparison, Alberta, which has handled the pandemic worse than British Columbia, lets anyone over the age of 14 have five tests every 14 days. It boggles my mind how this province is so bad at testing. I’m not sure why Alberta can supply tests to more of their residents and more frequently.

Anyways, since I’m not 50 years old yet, only my parents have been able to get some free test kits. On the weekend, I showed my parents how to do the test. It’s pretty simple: a nose snab, some liquid, and a tester. My Mom wanted to do a test to practice, so we did one for her. She tested negative.

My parents gave me a box of their tests, so I have five now. I hope I can get some of my own soon as well.

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