In the past, many companies, including my employer have created Slack channels with the term “war room” in the name. For companies in the games industry, such channels are usually used to discuss issues that are happening in a game that is already released. The issues in question are likely serious, impacting the game in a manner that affects many users. For a game launch, “war room” channels are a hot bed of activity as we need to monitor if servers are overloaded for example.

With the recent barbaric invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces, there are actual “war rooms” in action now, directing real military assets in life and death situations. I think one or more individuals decided our Slack channels shouldn’t evoke reminders of the actual war that is on-going, so some of they have been renamed. In one case, I’ve seen the term “war room” in the channel name be replaced with simply “hq”. I think “command-centre” would have been fine as well.

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