Last summer I had the good fortune to purchase a new TV, the LG C1, in the 55″ model. At the time, everything about the TV was so impressive and I guess I was easy to impress, given that my previous TV was over ten years old at that point. The one thing that did bother me was the remote.

The “down” button of the directional pad was “sticky”. You had to press it just right for the TV to register the input. It worked just well enough that I put up with it, even though there was clearly something wrong with that button. As you might imagine, with a modern smart TV, one needs to navigate a plethora of menus and moving the cursor “down” is one of the most common inputs you send to the TV. Over the last few months, I have fruitlessly tried to move many cursors down without the TV registering the input.

My one-year warranty for parts and labour is coming to an end in a few months and I decided it was silly to just put up with a wonky remote. The warranty is there for a reason and I should take advantage of it. A few days ago I contacted LG support to describe the situation to them. Their first response was to visit a website and purchase a new remote. This was not a good first impression as my support request clearly included the serial number of my TV (which is registered with them) and they easily could have seen it was still within the warranty period.

I had to contact them again, this time by phone and explain it to them that I wasn’t going to pay out of pocket for a new remote that is still covered by a warranty. Thankfully the phone support person was much easier to deal with and understood I was still under warranty.

It’ll take a few weeks but I’m getting a new remote shipped out to me. Thank you LG!

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