I wish had an abundance of anti-tank and anti-air equipment to give to the Armed Forces of Ukraine but I don’t, so instead I donated to the Canadian Red Cross’ campaign to assist with the growing humanitarian crisis in and around Ukraine. Untold thousands of people have now been displaced and have faced or will face arduous journeys to get to safety. Most of these people are women, children, and seniors.

This is by no means the only method of helping. In fact, you can send money directly to the Armed Forces Of Ukraine here. This is the first time I’ve seen a modern military accepting donations from basically anyone during an active conflict but I these are extremely grave circumstances, so I understand.

On the topic of money, I cannot comprehend how much money will be required to facilitate this war and for the recovery that comes after it (oh dear, I hope there will be a recovery). It will likely be in the trillions.

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