The other day I was thinking I should get Chinese New Year off as a paid holiday because it’s an important cultural holiday but then my team announced this week that we’re all getting the 17th and 18th this month.

Once per season or every four months, our team gets two extra days off to make it an extra long weekend. For this season, the two days come before a normal holiday Monday (here in B.C., it’s Family Day), so I’m getting a five-day weekend this month. I remember the barbaric days when there wasn’t a public holiday in February, which meant you had to work through January, February, and into March before you had a long weekend. Considering it was also the cold and dreary parts of the year, it made for a tough slog to make it to March. Though back then, we weren’t living in a pandemic, so maybe that’s a fair trade.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with my five-day weekend but not working is a good start.

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