Six years ago, I started watching the mini-series 11.22.63, which is based on the Stephen King novel 11/22/63. I got about half-way through before I stopped watching it. I’m not sure why. I love the book. I really enjoyed the episodes I watched up until that point.

Maybe I got busy and wasn’t able to get back into it. Sometimes you get interrupted while doing something and if you don’t get back into it right away, it can be tough to get started again. Or maybe I was afraid the mini-series would end the same way the book did, bittersweet and quite sad.

Nevertheless, for whatever reason, I pushed through and watch the remaining episodes last week. They were really good. The last scene of the last episode is basically lifted straight from the last page of the book, which meant it was again bittersweet and quite sad. It made me shed a few tears but that was ok.

I would recommend the book to anyone, with a follow-up recommendation for the show.

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