I’ve been searching for a new sofa for weeks now and I discovered that, like many things, stock is limited, prices have risen dramatically, and you’ll have to wait a long time for some items.

I was looking at one sofa that seemed promising but the store estimates that they won’t have stock until the end of June. The end of June! I can’t wait six months for a sofa , so I kept looking.

This weekend, I bit the bullet and bought a sofa from a local furniture store. I still have to wait around eight weeks for it, but at least it’s not six months. Part of the reason why it won’t take as long to arrive is because it’s made locally, within the province. It’s still subject to the availability of materials, some of which comes from overseas. It will also be custom-made to my liking. I was able to select the fabric, colour, and firmness of the cushions. I have never bought a custom-made piece of furniture before, so I feel pretty baller. It didn’t come cheap though. I think it was almost 4x the cost of my previous sofa , which I bought back in the before times of 2010.

I can’t wait to sit on my new sofa in about two months.

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