I received my booster vaccine shot today. When I became eligible for the booster shot, my initial appointment was for the 29th of January, which meant I was going to need to wait almost a month for it. With the pandemic going the way it is, that seemed too long to wait. I kept refreshing the available appointments every day. I believe that due to cancellations and increased availability, lots of people were able to move up their appointments.

My first rescheduled appointment was supposed to be for tomorrow at the Vancouver Convention Centre. After refreshing the list of available appointments this morning, I was able to find a new appointment for today at a Shoppers Drug Mart that is much closer than downtown Vancouver. I have been told that lineups at the convention centre can be lengthy, with some people needing to wait an hour or more for their shot, even when they arrive on time.

My appointment was for 3pm and I only needed to wait about fifteen minutes for my shot. The shot was administered in a small room next to the pharmacy. While I believe a large clinic like the convention centre has both Moderna and Pfizer available, the pharmacy I went to today only had Pfizer. That was ok with me. Any shot is better than no shot.

I now have had three different brands of vaccines in my body. I started off with AstraZeneca, got Moderna in the summer, and now Pfizer for my booster. As with the Moderna shot, I have not felt any significant side effects at all. My arm is a tiny bit sore but other than that, it would be hard to tell that I even had a shot today.

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