I ran out of toilet paper this morning. I just forgot to get some yesterday when I was out and about. This led to a situation in the early afternoon where I could feel a poop coming on. It wasn’t a dire feeling of needing to poop immediately though. I also had to get some Christmas cards at a drug store, where just incidentally, they also sell toilet paper. Could I delay the poop long enough to drive to the drug store, shop for the cards, get the toilet paper, and then drive back home?

The urgency to poo can change in a second and the urgency rarely, if ever, decreases. It almost always increases. So, I made the decision to poop at home before going to the store. I wasn’t going to go without wiping though, so I used the next best thing to toilet paper, which in my opinion is tissue paper (or Kleenex in some parts of the world). There’s some debate if that stuff is flushable but I took a risk and flushed it.

I was able to get to the store without having to worry about a poop. I got my Christmas cards and a dozen rolls of toilet paper. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “POO”

  1. A Japanese style toilet will solve this stress inducing problem for the rest of your life! The are many different aftermarket models that can simply attach to your existing toilet.
    The down side to having one is that then creates stressful situations when you have to poo outside of your home, and only have toilet paper to clean up.

  2. Thanks Ed! Yeah, lots of my friends have installed bidets since 2020. All of them say they can’t go back to just toilet paper now.

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