Last week, while I was doing my dishes, my kitchen faucet was running and then the water stopped for a split second. When it started again, the water that came out was very brown for about two seconds and then it seemed clear again, except that the water pressure was a fraction of what it was before.

It has remained that way ever since. The water is also very “bubbly” when it comes out, as in there are lots of bubbles or air in the water, like it’s almost carbonated. Normally, when you see brown water, it’s function of the water supply being shut off for a period of time and then you need to just run your taps to clear it. I had no water for a split second, not like the water was shut off.

I ran the sink in my bathroom and it was fine, no brown water and the water pressure was normal. It took me a few days to figure out but I’m pretty sure there’s some sorta blockage somewhere in my kitchen faucet. The brown water I saw was the result of some brown coloured debris (bleh) being dislodged somewhere in the water line and then traveling to some part of the faucet where some of it broke apart and was able to get through. The part that didn’t get through is now causing the low flow.

I am no handy person, so I have strong inclinations to get a plumber to look at this. On the other hand, I feel like this is the kinda thing that I can probably fix myself. I just need to disassemble the faucet head, which in my case is a very typical “spray head” style one. I wouldn’t even need to turn off the water supply because the spray head is downstream of faucet valve.

Once it’s all disassembled, I can clean everything out and get back to good water pressure. Knowing my luck, however, I will find someway to horribly mess it up. Good luck to me this weekend!

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